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Click on the trade bitcoin button or trade giftcard button and select its details

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Select the medium with which you want to connect the administrator (Whatsapp/Gmail) to negotiate and trade your bitcoin/giftcard

Get Paid

Trade with the administrator directly and get paid, no middle men involved.

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Who We Are

SleekExchange is a credible Giftcards and Bitcoin vendor keen on offering its customer the best trading experience.

What We Do Best

SleekExchange handles over a hundred monthly transactions succesfully,helping its customer convert giftcards and bitcoins into cash.

Values that Guides Our transactions

Our transactions are guided by utmost transparency, speedy transactions and rewarding rates.

We believe our customers deserve the best experience, so we ensure your trading experience is highly seamless and profitable.

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No 1 Crypto Trader

Royalty Jun 10, 2019 | 06:59:01

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